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Why Give to Our Mission?

The mission of the organization is two-fold. Our work is rooted in preserving the roots of the Whittemore culture by supporting students who are descendants of Whittemore High School's alum, faculty, and staff. We work to reunite the alumni community by creating engagement activities throughout the year.


Ultimately, the Whittemore community and its many supporters are the foundation for the scholarships we award each year. Your generous, tax-deductible donation helps us meet the mission of the organization. Give to promote excellence in education as we send descendants of our honored Whittemore alums, faculty, and staff to colleges and universities to learn, grow, and thrive as they impact the future.


We are thankful for your generous gifts to the Whittemore Alumni Association.

Every donation makes a difference. Empower a student. Preserve the Whittemore Legacy!

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Cash App:$whittemorealums1870


Mail: Whittemore Alumni Association | P.O. Box 1857 | Conway, SC 29528

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